Half-chinese, half-filipina. :]
I love to smile because it makes me feel good.
I'm a graduate of BSBA Major in Marketing Management. And currently working with my brother on our small business. :)
I have a HUGE obsession with butterflies and Eiffel Tower.
I'm also a DAYDREAMER. I love fantasizing about things that would never happen in real life.
I'm also inlove with PARIS, FRANCE and the Eiffel Tower even though i haven't been there. But i will.. Someday.
I also love to TRAVEL and go on an ADVENTURE. I like to live in a different culture, specially Italy, and see how different it is from what i have grown with. To experience new things that i haven't had the chance to experience here.
BOOKS/ANIME/MANGA/KOREAN DRAMAS/TUMBLR/INSTAGRAM.. These are the things that keep me entertained. <3

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I thought i’d never get over you.
But i did eventually.
Because that’s what time does.

2 months ago
Most unique AVP i have ever seen! #wedding #love #AVP #cute
1 year ago